Congress 2020


4-8 August 2020


We cordially invite you to participate in the European Bibliodrama Congress, organized by the Polish Bibliodrama Association (PIC: 915401514), which will take place on 4-8 August 2010 in Krzyżowa (Kreisau) near Wrocław (Breslau).

European Bibliodrama Congress is a meeting where people from different European countries exchange their experience and passion for bibliodrama. Participation in the European Bibliodrama Congress gives not only the opportunity to meet God and others through participation in workshops, but also fosters meeting people from other cultural or religious circles, broadening horizons, teaches communication, gives the opportunity to establish cooperation and build friendship. For those who are involved in the creation of the bibliodrama, it is also an opportunity to gain new experience and skills.

The language of the Congress will be English, we do not envisage translating the workshops, but in case of difficulties it will be possible to support oneself with German or Polish.

The participants of the Congress will work in four groups of workshops led by couples of leaders from Poland and other European countries. Each group will work on a text chosen by the leaders, there will be no single joint text, but there will be a common theme: reconciliation

The subject of the Congress is usually connected with the place where it is held. In 2020 the place will be Krzyżowa, where the theme of reconciliation is very much present.

Krzyżowa is a small village in Lower Silesia, Poland, about 60 km southwest of Wrocław, near Świdnica. The history of this place is connected with the family of Helmut James von Moltke, who was the initiator of the “Kreisau Circle”. The Kreisau Circle is one of the most famous German resistance groups, which during World War II acted against the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler. The activists of the Kreisau Circle, as well as many other people, stood up for human freedom and a just world, and thus against violence and totalitarian structures.  Risking their lives, the members of the Circle worked on plans to renew the democratic and Christian moral values of Germany and Europe. The heritage of reconciliation and opposition to totalitarianism in Krzyżowa has become a double symbol of European understanding and reconciliation.

The costs include the conference fee, accommodation and board, as well as coffee breaks, guided tours of Krzyżowa and a trip to Świdnica, are as follows:

Accommodation in a single room: 1500 PLN (c.a.350 Euro)

Accommodation in a double room:
1200 PLN (c.a. 280 Euro) – for persons from Western European countries
430 PLN (c.a. 100 Euro) – only for persons from Central and Eastern European countries

It is not possible to stay in Krzyżowa the day before, but it is possible to stay a day longer at your own expense. In this case please contact directly Dominik Całka from Krzyzowa Fundation (

Important dates:

15 January – 15 May 2020 registration deadline for participation in the Congress and for the payment of the conference fee
4 August 2020 – the beginning of the Congress

The preliminary program of the Congress is available here

In order to registry for the Congress one needs to fill in the registration form (click here) and transfer the money into the Polish Bibliodrama Association bank account. The money has to be transfer only in POLISH CURRENCY; the other currency will not be accepted by the bank.

The bank account

Owner: Polish Bibliodrama Association
ul. Focha 19/21 lok.46
42-217 Czestochowa
Bank address: BGŻ PNB Paribas, Kasprzaka 10/16, 01-211 Warszawa
IBAN: PL74 1600 1462 1833 0294 9000 0001
Title: Congress 2020_name and surname of the participant

In case of resignation from the Congress made before 15 May, the whole payment will be returned. Cancellation made between May 16th and July 15th means the return of 50% of the payment. In case of resignation after 15th July there is no possibility to return the paid amount.

Bibliodrama workshop groups

Group 1 led by Krystyna Sztuka (Poland) and Gerhard Marcel Martin (Germany)

In our workshop we aim at an integration of text-studies with impulses of imagination exercises, of physical and spiritual bodywork and of creative aesthetic approaches (with elements of meditative painting). The choice of the Biblical text is still open.

  • Krystyna Sztuka, doctor of psychology, clinical psychology and psychology of creativity specialist, long-time academic teacher, art therapist.  For many years she’s been carrying out her therapeutic practice and the therapeutic and bibliodramatic workshops. Authoress of five books (the last: “Bibliodrama. Wyobraźnia w spotkaniu z Bogiem i z sobą” 2018) and more of forty articles.
  • Gerhard Marcel Martin, born in 1942, theological doctor and professor of Practical Theology (Philipps-Universität Marburg); since 1999 also university chaplain, researcher and author of 15 books dealing with arts, Bibliodrama/Sutradrama, apocalyptic traditions, depth psychology, spirituality and interreligious dialogue.

Group 2 led by Henryka Czyż (Poland) and Dirk Harms (Germany)

The texts of the bible are not telling true stories, but they are told by people who considered them as true – even more, who trust them and were empowered by them to survive prosecution, emergency, fear or illness. Before the texts were marked on papyrus they were told from generation to generation. So the people engraved their experiences, their behavior and their dealing with another. In this sense the texts are true, and their truth can be evoked day by day. There is power inherence in the texts to give the strength to survive. This power is not intellectual, it is mental and physical, it is concealed beyond words. In bibliodrama work we try to mine this power. The instrument of the mining is our body. We will learn to hear to impulses of our muscles and strings, of our breath and bones. We will learn move their impulses. So, perhaps, we will find the language of our bodies, which is endowing the power. There is no Swedish, no Italian language of the bodies, only the moving, call it dance, if you like.

  • Dirk Harms is living in Schwerte (near Dortmund), Germany. He is working as chaplain, drama teacher and bibliodrama leader, qualified in moving- and dance-therapy.
  • Henryka Czyż, bibliodrama leader certificated by Polish Bibliodrama Association (PBA) and EBN.  She is an accompanying person during Ignatian retreats. She also leads 8-day Spiritual Exercises with Bibliodrama and works with people after oncological disease using art therapy methods.

Group 3 led by Anna Gradin (Sweden) and Katarzyna Kamińska (Poland)

The starting point of our workshop is the story of the conflict between two brothers Jacob and Esau in Genesis 27 and what happened later in the life of this family. Jacob and Esau lives in each of us. 
During the workshop we offer to come closer to a personal experience, what reconciliation is with myself, with others and with God. We use bibliodrama with bodywork, recycled material, rhythm and sound. Good knowledge in English and musical skills are not required. Please bring a bible in your own language.

  • Anna Gradin – teacher for refugees and foreign born, farmer and foster family. Trained dialogue leader and Certified bibliodrama leader by the Bibliodrama Society in Sweden. Done bibliodrama travels to Israel/Palestine. Try to find ways to use bibliodrama methods online and try to connect bibliodrama with healthy life courses online.
  • Katarzyna Kamińska – academic teacher, musician, leader of the bibliodrama certified by GfB and EBN, psychodramatist during the training at the Polish Psychodrama Institute in Krakow. She conducts workshops with the Bibliodrama combining its different currents for 
    different groups, including in an ecumenical context.

Group 4 led by Albert Hanz (Germany) and Dorota Majda (Poland)

During the basic, process-oriented bibliodrama workshop we will invite the participants to discover, understand and implement reconciliation on many levels and aspects of their lives. We will base on chapter 21 of the gospel of St. John. Elementary English will be sufficient.

  • Albert Henz, protestant pastor, born in 1954, education in bibliodrama by Heidemarie Langer since 1996, certificate as a bibliodrama leader by her in 2002; certificated as a bibliodrama teacher by German Bibliodrama Association in 2007.
  • Dorota Majda, bibliodrama leader certificated by Polish Bibliodrama Association (PBA) and EBN; during certification as a bibliodrama trainer in PBA. Experienced in conducting 8-day Spiritual Exercises with the Bibliodrama and many other forms of process-oriented bibliodrama workshops. Academic teacher, catholic, born in 1974.

During filling in the registration form please indicate your preference for the group. Please give first, second, third and fourth choice.  As clearly it may not be possible for everyone to have their first choice. We will allocate places on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


First one should come to Wrocław (Breslau) – by a plane, train or bus. It is also possible to flight to other cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan) and then take w train to Wrocław.  A few times a day there is a direct train form Wrocław main railway station to Krzyżowa. Details can be found at

Sponsor: Evangelische Kirche von Westfalen

Questions about the organization of the Congress should be sent to the e-mail address:

Organisational Committee

Henryka Czyż
Albert Henz
Katarzyna Kamińska
Dorota Majda
Dariusz Wiśniewski SJ